This is the project management website of various DNSSEC research projects of the Distributed Systems group at the University of Duisburg-Essen.


nsec3breaker is a tool to crawl and break the NSEC3 hashes of a DNS zone. This is work in progress -- we haven't released a stable version yet.

Statistics: (expect HTTPS warning, custom-signed certificate)


  • svn co nsec3breaker

Then take a look at the HOWTO.txt

Terms and Definitions

  • Zone project: all tasks related to a zone, e.g. "de."
  • Subproject: specific distributed computing project, e.g. brute-force for 7 characters, or markov attack with defined parameter set
  • Job: work unit distributed to client by distributed computing server (nsec3dist)
  • Chunk: subpart of one job, computed by client in a batch of all chunks of a job


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